Your Physical Intelligence is the intersection between your mental state and physical well-being. It encompasses all of our mental processes, which exist at a level below our cognitive mind. Not always understandable, its mental patterns have tremendous influence over every aspect of our body and mind. It penetrates the “intelligence” we use every day to work, make decisions, interact, understand and create.

Accessing your Physical Intelligence will allow you to live a life of clarity and control so you can experience the joy of connecting to who you truly are. Learn about the power of your Physical Intelligence and how you can start the process of making long-lasting changes that will propel you towards your goals.

After taking this course you will be able to
– Understand the power of your Physical Intelligence
– Learn how to accessing and start shaping your Physical Intelligence
– Have a clear game plan on how you can enhance critical skill sets you need to achieve your goals


This assessment will help you learn more about how you – and others – view critical skills and leadership behaviors. It is best used in conjunction with the book Physical Intelligence – An Introduction. Why? It’s the best place to get tons of information and insights on which areas you need to focus on to improve based on your results.
This assessment involves a thorough assessment of the important areas in your life. The Assessment involves completing a quiz and a one-hour session with a coach that will help identify areas of focus and a custom program tailored to your specific needs.

Attain the optimal mental, emotional and physiological conditioning.

The 7MINDS Program is a comprehensive, in-depth training framework that yields pragmatic results and enables long-lasting change. Each program focuses on developing a foundation for a host of skills. We recommend to start with the Introduction to Physical Intelligence course to build a basic understanding of the material. All 7MINDS Programs are easy to learn and integrate in busy, modern lifestyles.

The 7MINDS Program encompasses personalized digital and life training programs that are based on our unique pragmatic results-focused approach. All programs involve step-by-step how-to-guides and support, allowing students to learn at their pace and own time.

Each of the 7MIND Modules is designed to:
– Discover and overcome limiting patterns
– Enhance specific skills and develop new traits so they become natural
– Exercises to test your skills in real-life situations


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