Do you always achieve the goals like you envisioned them?

The answer is most probably NO, things change, life gets in the way.

Why is that?

There are sub-conscious parts of your mind that have more control over your thoughts, decisions and actions than you aware of. They run your life.

These are patterns that have been established throughout your life and influence your thinking, feeling and behavior. You might not be aware of them or their influence. Only through tapping into your Physical Intelligence you can become aware of these fundamental qualities of your thinking and limiting patterns and start to control them. Through this powerful approach you can take control of your clarity of thought, the quality of your decisions and you can enhance critical personal traits and skills like self-control, attention, motivation, mental agility, and perseverance.

What is Physical Intelligence?

We live mostly in our minds, our education, environment teaches and influences us constantly to use our cognition, our ability to think of abstract things, our rational thinking abilities. Yet outside of this cognitive intelligence exist a vast landscape of mental patterns that are non-cognitive in nature. Meaning they are a mixture of emotional and physical aspects. These aspects or qualities have a great level of influence over our thinking, how we feel, our emotions and our physical disposition. Aspects like this cannot be accessed by the cognitive mind because they are ‘older’ in our history of evolution. But it is possible to access them and to make changes in their make-up: We need specific “tools” that allow us to tap into these older parts of the brain that are emotional and physical in nature.


Just like in a fractal image our thinking and memory consist of interlocking patterns. Patterns that you are not aware of influence your thinking, feelings and behavior – most importantly the decisions you make and with that the direction your life takes.
Take control of your Physical Intelligence today to reach your professional and personal goals.
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