Overcoming Dyslexia through the Power of Physical Intelligence

Many people remember their childhood with fond, happy memories of laughing, sleepovers, time spent with friends or just hanging out. Not so Daniel. Growing up, Daniel was anxious and isolated, feeling “less-than” and thinking he didn’t measure up to his peers or his family, particularly in school.

Many people remember their childhood with fond, happy memories of laughing, sleepovers, time spent with friends or just hanging out. Not so Daniel. Growing up, Daniel was anxious and isolated, feeling “less-than” and thinking he didn’t measure up to his peers or his family, particularly in school.

And it wasn’t because he didn’t make the effort.

One of his most memorable school experiences was when he spent hours studying for a spelling test. It wasn’t easy for him, but he tried as hard as he could to prepare. After reviewing the words over and over, he was confident that he had memorized the spelling of all the words correctly and that he was going to ace the test. He was excited as he imagined finally proving to his family that he wasn’t stupid, that he was smart as the rest of them. The next day he  walked into the exam feeling self-assured and calm. “I got this,” he said. He went through the spelling test in record speed. A feeling of accomplishment spread throughout his body. He was convinced that this time he’d done it. He would get a 100% on his test! He was certain that if he scored high on this test, he could begin doing better in all his classes. He had such a sense of relief.

A couple of days later, the teacher handed out the tests saying, “Overall, you all did a good job.” Daniel was very excited knowing that he would now be recognized as one of the good students. The teacher handed the test sheet to Daniel, and he eagerly took it, looking forward to seeing a paper free of red marks. He couldn’t believe what he saw; every word was circled in red. He was devastated and tears sprang to his eyes. He had been so certain that everything he’d done was correct. What had happened?

Daniel is dyslexic.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects about one in ten people. Those with dyslexia have difficulties with reading, spelling, and in some cases mathematics, not because they are not intelligent, but because of a neurological glitch that causes their brain to mix up letters or numbers and results in poor reading, word decoding and spelling.

Being dyslexic is what caused Daniel extreme frustration and pain during his childhood. To make matters worse, he was the only one in his highly intellectual family with this difficulty, making it even more upsetting to him. He wanted to fit in with his school friends and his family and not be ridiculed for his inability to get good grades. He hated being thought of as “not very bright.”

For years, he worked very hard to overcome dyslexia. He tried every approach and method available to improve his spelling skills. He spent a lot of time studying to try to achieve better results, but most of them ended in painful experiences and failure that stuck in his mind.
It wasn’t until many years later, after Daniel managed to transform his thinking that he started to understand the underlying reasons for  his struggles in school and his failed grade on that spelling test so many years ago.

Was there a way out?

Daniel’s life began to change after he met a Taoist monk. Among many topics they discussed, Daniel shared his struggles in school and the pain of being labeled as stupid. The monk mentioned an approach that Daniel had never heard about in his search for a cure for his dyslexia. He was skeptical at first, but then he asked himself, what do I have to lose? Things would not change if he didn’t try. His desire to overcome dyslexia was immense; and he didn’t want to spend another day in pain and frustration.

Little did Daniel know that in the process of overcoming his dyslexia, he would have the opportunity to discover something completely unknown to many, the fundamental aspects of the thinking process. Daniel left his home and family to work with the monk, not knowing where this would take him. His destination turned out to be a temple where the Taoist monks introduced him to the art of studying and practicing stringent forms of introspection and Tai Chi. It was a tough program involving many hours of training every day, but he persisted. Adding to the difficulty of the training, communication was almost non-existent, since his teachers spoke Korean and Daniel had to figure out not only the language but the reasons for most of the things they had him do.

Throughout the many years of his training, a fascinating new world opened up, fueling his motivation and desire to master the exercises. He learned that it was possible to access various levels of his mind that had previously been hidden to him and gained an understanding of what was causing his dyslexia. The training also revealed how to get in touch with fundamental aspects of his mental processes. His thinking, perception and experience fundamentally changed.

The Transformation

The Clouded State of Mind, the dyslexia, was the result of an inherited or environmentally influenced, deeply ingrained quality of State of Mind. With his training, Daniel was able to develop a Clear State of Mind, which is the Natural State of the Mind. Only after he experienced the difference in the clarity of thought stemming from a Clear State of Mind did he realize the extent of impact the dyslexic pattern had on all his thinking and perception. He described it as looking through a colored gel, a filter that impacted how he perceived reality. It was this Clouded State of Mind, the colored gel that caused his way of thinking. Before Daniel’s transformation, his thinking was so scattered that it would take reading three pages of a book before he had “controlled his mind” to focus his mind enough to be able to absorb the information. His strategy to cope with this problem was re-reading the three previous pages each time he picked up a book knowing that it would take this much time for his mind to be focused enough to retain anything he read. Daniel thought this was normal, that everyone was experiencing the same thing. He thought it would always remain the same, until he had the opportunity to learn that there was a way out. Over time and through training, Daniel was able to overcome his dyslexia.

People with dyslexia find ways, as Daniel did, to help cope with their condition, but one rarely hears of someone who has been able to overcome dyslexia. Daniel’s achievement was an amazing accomplishment. Not only was he able to access and eradicate the cause of his condition, but he was also able to make permanent changes in his mind. Daniel’s experience made him realize something vital: it was possible to change mental patterns, even deeply ingrained ones like neurological conditions. These changes not only helped him overcome dyslexia, they impacted all areas of his life, enhancing his mental capabilities, resilience and focus. The changes significantly improved his well-being, awareness and motivation, allowing him to be highly engaged, productive and successful in achieving his goals.

He realized that everyone’s conditioning impacts their mental, emotional and physical capabilities, their level of intelligence and achievements in life. Furthermore, how we live, act and think continuously shapes our minds for better or worse.

The insights Daniel gained through his transformation led him to discover that it is not the cognitive part of the mind that drives our thinking, decisions and actions, but fundamental non-cognitive aspects of the mind. They led to his discovery of the elemental paradigm of Phẏsical Intelligence unveiling the processes that are at work when we think, make decisions and act. Based on his understanding of the mind, he was able to figure out how to access this non-cognitive landscape, and realize that the body can be leveraged to inspire changes in the mind at the physiological level, thus shaping and creating new mental patterns. This powerful, unique approach enables vital changes at profound levels of the mind that can lift the existing conditioning that clouds the mind and promote new and enhanced cognitive, emotional and physiological attributes.

Daniel overcame his dyslexia and by doing so transformed his entire way of being, affecting all areas of his life by making better life decisions, reaching higher levels of self-mastery, awareness, and inner balance while achieving overall better health and well-being.

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