An introduction to a pragmatic and powerful concept for shaping your most fundamental intelligence: Physical Intelligence

A way out of limiting patterns imposed by our environment and living in an age of personal and professional demands brought on by lifestyle and technology can be had by understanding the mental process – how we think and do things – and learning how to either adapt or modify. It was after years of extensive study that co-author Daniel Johnson changed his life from curing his dyslexia to transforming his “way-of-being.” Martina Wagner gained her “mind mastery” working with Daniel and together they created launched a learning platform based on the Physical Intelligence Paradigm.

In the book the basic concepts of Physical Intelligence are explored as well as the importance and effect PI has on our mental performance, clarity of thought, balance, emotional health and our actions.

Make the choice to access and take control of your mental power to own your life story and live the life you dreamed and deserve!

Physical Intelligence – An Introduction’ is an international Amazon bestseller.

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