Introduction to Physical Intelligence

How the search for Physical Intelligence began…

Martina started training under Master Daniel Johnson in 2000. At first it seemed to be a regular Martial Arts training, but she soon found out that there was much more to it. Daniel was teaching the art and skills of SelfMastery. As she started to experience fundamental changes at deeper levels of her mind and being, she realized the inherent power of Master Johnson’s pragmatic training.

Highly curious to find out more about what was really happening she started to explore and study the realm of the non-cognitive landscape of the mind while digging into literature about psychology, physiology, philosophy to find answers and interpretations. Together with Master Johnson she started to describe the fundamental paradigm of Physical Intelligence.

Martina Wagner, PhD

“After my amazing discoveries, there is nothing that can keep me from continuing my journey.”

Martina was born in Germany and lived both in Mexico and Venezuela while growing up. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the University of Frankfurt, Germany. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry holding various executive positions working in the US, Europe and Latin America she became an expert in understanding the struggle of dealing with increasing workloads, competing priorities, personal and professional development needs and lack of work-life balance. She discovered how critical Physical Intelligence is to manage today’s workplace challenges and for developing leadership skills that are effective across global businesses.

Martina uses her extensive knowledge of workplace challenges and the revolutionary Physical Intelligence modality to help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals through enhancing critical skills, as well as developing inner strength and balance.  She co-authored the book Physical Intelligence, An Introduction to create a primer helping to understand the inherent power of this approach.  To teach the revolutionary concept of Physical Intelligence she and Master Daniel Johnson worked together to develop the 7MINDS Program. This program is an effective teaching framework intended to help students to develop key skill sets that enable effective management of workplace challenges as well as achieving personal growth and well-being.

Daniel Johnson, SBN

“Success lies in retaining what you have while adapting to the world around you.”

Daniel Johnson SBN, struggled with Dyslexia as a child, being particularly debilitating on core subjects such as Mathematics and Writing. This difficulty persisted right through Elementary and High School.

“My goal was to write, and I wanted this more than anything else, despite the contradictory advice counselors and teachers gave me.” Daniel Johnson SBN
His high school English teacher gave him a passing grade with the advice he never go into writing. In 1983 he graduated with a Journalism Degree.

In his goal to overcome dyslexia, he tried every kind of special training modern education had to offer. It was not until he spent several years training with a Taoist master that he was able to see some positive results. “I was not really interested in training except what it could do to help me overcome my Dyslexia. I was relentless in my desire to overcome it.” After graduation, Daniel spent several years in an informal temple, where he acquired the foundation to overcome his Dyslexia, “As amazing as this was to me, it was not the most incredible thing that I learnt.”

Through the process of overcoming Dyslexia, Johnson discovered how the mind works at a very fundamental level. It is this profound understanding that has allowed him to develop mind altering programs like Physical Intelligence. Daniel co-founded BPSS and worked with a multitude of large corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area including companies such as Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), Chevron Products Company, North America, City of Los Angeles: Mayor’s Office of Community Development, United States Army and Pacific Command (USARPAC):Safety Division.

As passionate, often humorous, and always enlightening speakers, Martina and Daniel blend scientific savvy withpragmatic advice and powerful stories of leadership transformation inspiring audiences to take action. The 7MIND Programs teaching the unique and powerful approach to access Physical Intelligence are packed with interactive discussion, real-world application, and experiential activities.

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